International colloquium of the Foundation “Forms of Europe: of the European Union and of other organisations”


Friday 21st October 2016 from 9 am to 7:15 pm and

Saturday 22nd October from 9 am to 12:30 am

Campus of the University of Lausanne

Anthropole building – auditorium 1129

This colloquium is organised by the Foundation with the organisational support of the University of Lausanne, approaching the theme “Forms of Europe: of the European Union and of other organizations”. The event also enjoys the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

The questions on forms and means of European integration will be discussed by fifteen experts (academicians and actor-witnesses) from Switzerland and the rest of Europe. Their communications will present these topics, particularly in the perspective of economic integration, political union, federalism and different forms of cooperation and integration outside EU borders.

Around Pat Cox, president of the Foundation, former president of the European Parliament and of the European Movement International, the Foundation has the honour to welcome for this occasion Professor Leszek Balcerowicz, who will hold his keynote conference on “The Differences in Economic Growth in Europe”. By their sides, José Maria Gil-Robles, member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences, former president of the Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe, of the European Parliament and of the European Movement International, and François Nordmann, former ambassador of the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the international organisations in Geneva, will also react to the presentations as actor-witnesses, sharing their tremendous experience in this area.

Conference by Jean Zwahlen, member of the Foundation Council

Conference by Jean Zwahlen, senior Advisor for Asia, Union  Bancaire  Privée – UBP SA, former ambassador, former member of the Executive Board of the SNB, on the theme of « La banque nationale suisse dans les tourbillons des crises financières », held at the Château de Penthes, on Monday 19th Septembre 2016 for the Swiss Forum for International Affairs (Forum Suisse de politique internationale – FSPI)

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