Award of the Gold Medal of the Foundation

Thursday, May 4th 2017, 17:30h

Campus of the University of Lausanne

 Amphimax building – Erna Hamburger auditorium

During the ceremony, Pat Cox, Ppesident of the Foundation, former president of the European Parliament and of the International European Movement, will award with the Golden Medal Mario Draghi, major European personality who, leading his institution with pragmatism and vision, has pursued the preservation and development of the fruition of the European construction during a particularly difficult period.

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Commemoration of the 60 years of the Treaty of Rome

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, the Foundation has organised within its walls on Thursday, 30th of March and in collaboration with the Delegation of the European Union for Switzerland and Liechtenstein, a commemorative event reuniting for a night the six ambassadors of the founding member states of the European communities in Bern.

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Release of two new issues of the Debates and Documents Collection

This March 2017, marking the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, the Foundation is pleased to present you its newest issues of the Debates and Documents Collection. Published for the first time in 2014, this publications are born with the aim to -each time- contribute to a historical and prospective reflection of its readers.

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216 Red Books

On February 9th 2014, Swiss citizens voted against the current European immigration flow, asking for it to decrease. However, the same day, these same citizens said ‘yes’ to more mobility, accepting a fund for the development of railways. How can we explain this tension?

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The Jacques Delors’ archives may be consultated at the Foundation

© Commission des Communautés européennes, Bruxelles
© Commission of the European Communities, Brussels

The Jacques Delors Institute opened in January 2016 the archives of the former president of the European Commission.

The Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe is a partner organisation. The Jacques Delors’ archives are consultable, among others, at the Foundation.


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