The United Kingdom in Europe: in or out?


12th European Dialogue of the Foundation

Monday, 15 June 2015, 5.30 pm

The University of Lausanne Campus

Anthropole building – room 1031

The United Kingdom’s position in Europe, in particular its relations with the European Union, constitute a major stake in the British elections of May 7th, 2015.

Will the British people be finally called upon to express itself by referendum on continued British membership to the EU as apparently considered by the U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron? Will the United Kingdom try to renegotiate the terms of its membership to the EU? What are the common interests of the United Kingdom with the other members of the EU? Is there a British specificity?

Such are the questions that will be dealt with during the next European Dialogue of the Foundation, chaired by its President Pat Cox.

Around President Cox, Dialogue participants will be Lord Hannay of Chiswick, a member of the British House of Lords but also a former UK permanent representative to the European Union, Sir William Cash, a member of the British House of Commons, Martin Bailey, chairman of the association Pro Europa, and John Peet, editor for European Affairs at The Economist.


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Conference of Pat Cox, new President of the Foundation


From economic crisis to political crisis in the European Union?


On Thursday 12 March 2015, Pat Cox, former President of the European Parliament and of the European Movement International, delivered on the Lausanne University campus his inaugural conference as new President of the Foundation. The Conference was opened by José Maria Gil-Robles, former President of the Foundation, who introduced Pat Cox to the public which amounted to about 300 people.

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A tour of Europe in nine months to meet young people


The Foundation supports the Europe Next Door project of a young professional in the communication field. Her name is Suzanne Alibert, age 26, She undertakes a tour of the capitals of Europe in nine months and 28 stages.

She will leave in April, 2015 to meet young people and ask about their vision of Europe, their feeling of membership, their identities, and their expectations. She also tries to better understand the impact of Europe on young people on a daily basis. She will recount her journey and her meetings on various communication mediums (digital magazine, photo exhibition, ebook).

The Foundation will welcome Suzanne Alibert from March 16 till 19,2015. Therefore She will be able to meet Swiss young people on the campus of the University of Lausanne. Those who wish to meet her on this occasion can contact her directly.

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You can also follow the project on Facebook and Twitter