1975–1979: The lessons of experience

In 1975, I retired to my house in Houjarray to write my memoirs.

I thought that I could still be of use in passing on the lessons of my experience. I went for long walks in the woods. Alongside me, Silvia painted landscapes and portraits that really moved me. Friends came to visit me. They asked me what should be done. I told them: “Continue, continue, there is no other future for the people of Europe than in union.”

Jean Monnet died in March, 1979, at the age of 91. His funeral took place on 20 March, 1979, in Montfort Amaury.

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Jean Monnet during the 13th session of the Action Committee for the United States of Europe, Brussels, 15 June, 1967
© Commission of the European Communities


In 1986, the Foundation received a mandate from the European Parliament to create an exhibition on Jean Monnet’s life, intended for the home of the Father of the European Community in Houjarray, purchased by the European Parliament. This exhibition, which was produced in several copies and in several languages for information purposes, was financed by European Community institutions in Strasbourg and Brussels.

The book, Bâtir l’Europe, which was published in 1987, reproduces, with the agreement of the European Parliament, François Fontaine’s texts and illustrations from this exhibition. This biography has been drawn from it.