The Blue Book : Un changement d’espérance



Henri Rieben
Martin Nathusius
Françoise Nicod
Claire Camperio-Tixier
Un changement d’espérance. La Déclaration du 9 mai 1950.
Jean Monnet – Robert Schuman, printed by Entreprise d’arts graphiques
Jean Genoud SA in Mont-sur-Lausanne, bound copy, 24 x 32 cm, 24-page insert,
9 May, 2000, 280p. ISB 2-88100-081-9

The publication of Un changement d’espérance, now known as the “Blue Book” of the Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe, was welcomed throughout the continent. This book was published on 9 May, 2000, 50 years to the day since Robert Schuman’s declaration that laid the foundations for a united Europe.

The documents reproduced in this work are copies of the originals held at the Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe.

Excerpt from the Blue Book: the last of nine projects drafted by Jean Monnet on 6 May, 1950 for Robert Schuman. It was the basis of the declaration that the Minister made three days later, on 9 May, 1950, and was the founding act of the European Community.

For a copy of the Blue Book, please contact the Foundation’s secretariat (+41 21 692 20 90 /

24 Heures, 17. 7. 2000