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“Europe is not merely a powerful idea. It is the size of a man. It has faces and voices”





The media library of the Foundation aims to safeguard the image of the builders of a united Europe. Over five thousand photos, some six hundred drawings and caricatures about the League of Nations, some hundred interviews and speeches from protagonists of European construction, some thirty films on events in the 1950s and about one hundred recent television or radio programmes are available to the open public.

In addition, the Foundation continuously supplements its programme of filmed interviews. These gather testimony from personalities who have participated in one form or another in European construction, in Switzerland and in Europe.

This development of a photographic and audiovisual memory corresponds to the expectations of all those who today feel the need to know the face, voice and gestures of the men and women who built Europe, as well as to the growing demand from those who explore new technologies.

To be able to revitalize Jean Monnet and the builders of Europe through a film, to hear them speak, publish a photo showing them in action, is another way of giving life to their example, to learn from it, to integrate them with current reality and make their presence felt in the efforts to prepare the future.

Journalists, publishing houses, television channels, film directors and website managers, exhibition organisers, museum curators, municipalities and other institutions, schools and universities, a very wide public has recourse to the services of the media library.

For information regarding access to the media library, please contact Mathias Walter, by telephone (+41 21 692 20 97) or E-mail (