Public figures who knew Jean Monnet

Interviewer : Philippe Nicolet, NVP, Croix-sur-Lutry, Switzerland.

Duration: between 25 and 50 minutes each.

Interviews conducted in Lausanne in April, 1997, during the “Testimonial Days” preceding the “Jean Monnet, Europe, and the Pathways to Peace” colloquium that was held in Paris on 29−31 May, 1997.

The brief description provided for each of the interviewees is based on their positions at the time of interview.

Jean-René Bernard
Deputy Secretary General to the President of the French Republic. Member of the Monetary Policy Council of the Bank of France.

Georges Berthoin
Jean Monnet’s Head of Cabinet at the High Authority of the ECSC. Deputy Head, then Head of Delegation of the European Communities in the United Kingdom. Co-president of the Trilateral Commission. International President of the European Movement.

Bruno Bottai
First Secretary to the permanent Italian diplomatic mission for the EEC and Euratom. Advisor at the embassy in London. Diplomatic advisor to the President of the Council of the Ministers. Ministerial advisor to the Holy See. Director of the news and information service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Robert R. Bowie
American Undersecretary of State for Political Planning. Director of the Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. Advisor to the Department of State.

Emilio Colombo
Italian statesman. Minister of Trade and Industry. Minister of the Treasury. Prime Minister. Minister without portfolio charged with representing Italy at the UN. Minister of Finance.

Dionigi Coppo
Deputy Secretary General of the Italian Confederation of labour unions. Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

François Duchêne
British journalist. Press officerfor the High Authority of the ECSC. Correspondent for The Economist in Paris. Director of the Documentation Centre of the Action Committee for the United States of Europe. Director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Katharina Focke
SPD deputy to the Bundestag. Parliamentary Secretary of State to the Federal Chancellery. Federal Minister of Health, Family and Youth, in the governments of Willy Brandt and Helmut Schmidt.

Max Kohnstamm
Private secretary to Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands. General Secretary of the High Authority of the ECSC. Vice-President of the Action Committee for the United States of Europe. President of the European University Institute of Florence.

José Leymarie
Archivist for Jean Monnet.

Richard Mayne
Director of the Documentation Centre of the Action Committee for the United States of Europe and personal colleague of Jean Monnet. Correspondent in Paris for Encounter. Director of the Federal Trust for Education and Research. Director of the European Communities office in London.

Sir Michael Palliser
British diplomat. Personal secretary to the Prime Minister. Minister to the Embassy of Paris. Ambassador and head of delegation for the United Kingdom to the European Economic Community. Ambassador and permanent representative of the United Kingdom to the European Communities.

Pierre Pflimlin
Minister of Finance, economic affairs, and the Plan. President of the Council of Ministers. Mayor of Strasbourg. Deputy of the Common Assembly of the ECSC, the European Economic Community, and Euratom, as well as the Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe, which he also chaired.

Jacques-René Rabier
Director-General of information for the European Communities.

Charles Ronsac
Journalist. Editor in chief of Opera Mundi Europe.

Robert Rothschild
Belgian diplomat. Head of Cabinet for the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Paul-Henri Spaak. Ambassador in Bern, then Paris.

Carlo Russo
Member of the Italian Parliament. Member of the Central Managementof the Christian Democratic Party.

Berndt von Staden
German diplomat. Walter Hallstein’s Head of Cabinet, President of the Commission of the European Economic Community.

Robert Toulemon
Director General of Industry, Technology, and Science at the European Commission.

Pierre Werner
Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Cultural Affairs for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Eric Westphal
Colleague of Jean Monnet. Writer. Former Inspector General of the Théâtre de France in the Ministry of Culture. Member of the Economic and Social Council of the Ile-de-France.