Structure of the Foundation

The Council of the Foundation formulates its strategic orientation and currently comprises more than 500 members, of which about half are from Switzerland. The majority of the remainder are European, and some fifteen are from outside of Europe. Three generations are represented, including former collaborators of Jean Monnet, active participants in the building of Europe, and people interested in European affairs and the Foundation’s activities. With backgrounds in academia, politics, economics and administration, these people provide an important Swiss, European and international support to the Foundation, which helps build relationships with a wide range of institutions and personalities. The General Assembly of the Council of the Foundation meets once a year.

The Executive Council formulates the operating plans, it includes representatives from institutions and the public domain who contribute significantly to the running of the Foundation.

The Scientific Committee is made up of Swiss and Europeans from diverse scientific disciplines (history, law, political science, economy, philosophy) who are active in research and teaching, and contributes to the definition of the scientific objectives of the Foundation.