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9th project, prepared by Jean Monnet and his colleagues, of the Declaration made by Robert Schuman, on 9 May, 1950 at the Quai d’Orsay, which was at the origin of the first European Community

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The archives conserved by the Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe show the commitment of the protagonists of the construction of Europe and are an essential source for anyone interested in the birth and development of the European Communities. The documentary resource is constantly growing with new donations.

The archives of Jean Monnet constitute the majority of the papers conserved there, comprising some 1,500 files, including tens of thousands of documents. These documents allow us to understand the extent of an undertaking that marked the twentieth century and spanned several continents.

The other main collections preserved by the Foundation are those of Robert Marjolin, Robert Schuman, Paolo Emilio Taviani, Michel Gaudet, Félix Somary, Lord David Strathallan, Jacques Van Helmont and François Fontaine.


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Italian and Korean researchers working on archives conserved at the Jean Monnet Foundation
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Since the archives were opened up to research, researchers have come from all around the world to work at the Foundation. The majority of researchers come from Europe, the United States, and Asia.

The research carried out in Lausanne is very diverse. Publications of sources and non-specialised approaches to European integration are carried out alongside bibliographic studies and sector-specific monographs. The issues addressed have been evolving with the progressive opening-up of the archives and the constant development of research questions and subsequent revisiting of documentation.

Besides the research carried out at the Foundation, numerous requests are handled by correspondence.

For information concerning access to the archives, please contact Mathias Walter by telephone (+41 (0)21 692 20 97) or by e-mail (