Quality technical infrastructure

The “repository of cultural property” of the Dorigny Farm is an underground extension wherein the Foundation’s archives are stored. It consists of many rooms built in compliance with the highest safety and conservation requirements. Temperatures and humidity level characterising each room are meant to provide suitable conservation conditions for each kind of document. The available space reserve allows serenely to foresee the arrival of new archival holdings.

To understand the genesis of this quality technical infrastructure with optimal conditions both for the conservation of archives and the staff in charge of their processing, we will quote a document within the framework of the subsidy granted to the Foundation by the Canton of Vaud – its main financial support. The document explains the reasons of the trust placed in the Foundation as well as its consistent involvement in its growth in the following words[1] :

“Located at the heart of Lausanne university campus, the Foundation was established in 1978 with the view of creating a memory of the clashes, reconciliation and union of the European people. Jean Monnet himself participated to its creation before handing over his archives to later on. His ambition was to have generations passing on to one another the fruits of accumulated experience and this is what makes the Foundation a place of great symbolic value for the whole continent. It brings a new contribution to the debate about togetherness of Europe. […]

As an acknowledgement of this mark of confidence on the part of Jean Monnet, the State of Vaud has been determined, from the very beginning, to support the Foundation with annual grants and by providing the Dorigny Farm situated on the university campus. […]

Noting the necessity of top-priority and far-reaching works to enhance security, the Council of State, during its December 17th 2008 session, bestowed a CHF 980’000 additional grant for those interventions. The works, which were completed in late 2009, consisted in ensuring safety of the building and the staff, improving on the facility’s foundations and preventing risks relating to latent moisture.

Secondly, in order to facilitate the completion of the Farm rebuilding and the construction in front of the building of a secured underground repository of cultural property intended to adapt the facility to the increase in archive collections and the Foundation’s activities, the Grand Council unanimously voted a CHF 1’618’000 credit during its March 23rd 2010 session. This was to help constructing the extension and its equipment.

Through the investments made by the Canton, the Foundation now has highest conditions for documentary heritage conservation as well as better infrastructure for researchers”.



[1] Canton of Vaud, Explanatory memorandum and draft decree on the grant allocated to the Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe. January 2015.